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Issue-4 (Oct - Dec 2017)
Role of Percutaneous Bone Marrow Injection in Non Union of Fractures,2017;7(4):135-137

Author:Shivraj S Konde, Santosh S Borkar, Sidheshwar R Thosar, Ajaykumar R Allamwar, Prashant S Kamath

Keywords:Non union, delayed union, Bone marrow injection, fractures

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Effect of Addition of Dexmedetomidine in Ropivacaine and Bupivacaine in Sensory and Motor Blockade and Post Operative Analgesia in Axillary Brachial Plexus Block for Hand and Forearm Surgery,2017;7(4):138-141

Author:Bhavna H Sojitra, Bhavna R Soni, Nikunj V Revdiwala, Pragna N Vachharajani

Keywords:Axillary Brachial plexus block, Dexmedatomidine, Ropivacaine, Bupivacaine, Visual Analogue Scale

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Comparative Study of Ropivacaine versus Ropivacaine with Clonidine for Caudal Analgesia in Paediatric Age Group Among Lower Abdominal and Lower Limb Surgery,2017;7(4):142-144

Author:Bhavna H Sojitra, Divyang V Shah, Arpan P Patel, Pragna N Vachharajani

Keywords:Clonidine, Ropivacaine, Caudal block,Analgesia

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Adolescent Sexuality: Perceptions, Preferences and Practices,2017;7(4):145-149

Author:Shailee Vyas, Mohua Moitra, Vipul Chaidhary

Keywords:adolescents, sexual desire, sexual practices, homosexuality

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Study of Prevalence of Histopathological Lesions in Lung at Autopsy,2017;7(4):150-153

Author:Smita Jhaveri, Swati Dudhatra

Keywords:autopsy, tuberculosis, pneumonia, interstitial lesions, ARDS

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Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology of Lymphnode in HIV Positive Patients and its Correlation with CD4 Count,2017;7(4):154-158

Author:Sudha Jain, Smita Jhaveri, Ameekumari Patel

Keywords:AIDS, CD4, lymphnode, tuberculosis, lymphoma

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Venlafaxine as an Augmentation of Electro- Convulsive Therapy in Treatment Resistant Depression- A Case Report,2017;7(4):159-160

Author:Abhinav Joshi

Keywords:Treat resistant depression, Psychotic Depression, Electroconvulsive therapy in Depression, Venlafaxine in Treatment Resistant Depression

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