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Issue-2 (April - June 2017)
Comparison of Early Management of Compound Grade 2 and 3A (Gustilo-Anderson) Fractures of Tibia Shaft using Primary Intramedullary Nailing and Placement of Antibiotic Bone-Cement Beads, with that of External Fixator Application,2017;7(2):79-82

Author:Santosh S Borkar, Darpan Maheshgauri, Viraj Bhoir

Keywords:Compound Fractures, Tibial shaft, Intramedullary Nailing, Antibiotic Bone-cement Beads

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Pulmonary Functions in Adolescents with Sickle Cell Anaemia: A Case Control Study,2017;7(2):83-87

Author:Lajwanti L Lalwani, Umanjali S Damke, Gyanshankar P Mishra

Keywords:Sickle cell anemia, Sickle cell disease, Spirometry, Pulmonary function test, restrictive abnormality

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Analysis of serum Angiotensin Converting Enzyme activity across Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Genotype in newly diagnosed hypertensive patients,2017;7(2):88-92

Author:Digishaben D Patel, Nirupma D Dikshit

Keywords:Angiotensin converting enzyme, ACE activity, Essential hypertension

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Paediatric low vision: magnitude, interventions, determinants and compliance,2017;7(2):93-96

Author:Rahul Deshpande, Anita Bhargava, Khurshed Bharucha, Kuldeep Dole, Col Madan Deshpande, Rajiv Khandekar

Keywords:Low vision, Screening, Vision 2020

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Regional Variation of Morphometric Measurements of Proximal End of Femur in Coastal Andhra Pradesh and its Clinical Implication to Improve Surgical Outcome,2017;7(2):97-100

Author:Tapati Roy, Soma Saha, Rabindra Nath Roy, Jagat Jyoti Dhara

Keywords:Morphometric Measurement, Cross Sectional Area, Hip Replacement Therapy, Prosthesis

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Study of Comparison of Serum Lipid Profile, Electrocardiographical & Echocardiographical changes between Euthyroid Diabetic & Hypothyroid Diabetic patients in a tertiary care hospital, Kolkata,2017;7(2):101-105

Author:Soumya Sarathi Mondal, Anwesha Pan, Animesh Maity, Subhas Bhuin, Snigdhendu Pal, Pinaki Nath

Keywords:Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Hypothyroidism , Dyslipidemia , Diastolic dysfunction

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