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Issue-1 (Jan-March 2016)
Study of Ocular Changes in Pregnancy,2016;6(1):1-4

Author:O K Radhakrishnan, Debapriya Datta, Jyoti Yadav, Priti Kumari, Vasundhara Phillips, Nimrita Nagdev

Keywords:Pregnancy, Diplopia, Krukenberg’s spindle

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Prevalence of raised inter-arm BP difference in young healthy adults –A cross sectional study.,2016;6(1):5-8

Author:Simmy Kurian, Manjula V D, Roshni Paul Joseph

Keywords:Inter-arm difference in blood pressure, mean arterial blood pressure, cardio vascular disease, peripheral vascular disease.

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Effect of Chronic Alcohol Intake on Auditory System with Changes in Auditory Brainstem Evoked Responses,2016;6(1):9-12

Author:Harinder J.Singh, Sharanjit Kaur, Amandeep Kaur, Lily Walia, Anand Sharma

Keywords:Alcoholism, Brainstem auditory evoked potential, latency waves, inter peak latency.

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Outcome of Chemotherapy in Lung Cancer: Our Experience At A Rural Tertiary Care Hospital in Central India,2016;6(1):13-16

Author:Babaji Ghewade, Tarushi Sharma, Satyadeo Choubey, Swapnil Chaudhari

Keywords:Lung cancer, Chemotherapy

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Clinical examination and foot pressure analysis of diabetic foot: Prospective analytical study in Indian diabetic patients,2016;6(1):17-22

Author:Harshanand J Popalwar, Anil Kumar Gaur, Badrinath D Athani, Jayasree Ramesh

Keywords:clinical examination of foot, diabetic neuropathy, foot pressure analysis.

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Prevalence of Vitamin-A deficiency & refractive errors in primary school-going children.,2016;6(1):23-27

Author:Rupali D Maheshgauri, Radhika R Paaranjpe, Abha Gahlot, Ami Gohil, Somali Pote, Deepaswi Bhavsar

Keywords:Vitamin A deficiency, refractive error, primary school going children

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Effects of Tadalafil on cardiopulmonary haemodynamics in patients of chronic pulmonary diseases with pulmonary hypertension. A pilot study,2016;6(1):28-34

Author:Indrajeet Sharma, Purshottam K. Kaundal, Malay Sarkar, Tulika Jha, Prakash C. Negi, Ashok K. Sahai, Sanjeev Asotra

Keywords:Cardiopulmonary haemodynamics, Phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors, Pulmonary hypertension, Tadalafil.

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