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Issue-1 (Jan-March 2015)
Pattern of Cognitive Dysfunction in Different Severity of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease,2015;5(1):1-5

Author:Archana C. Dogra, Randeep Mann, Malay Sarkar, Anita Padam

Keywords:Chronic hypoxia, Cognition impairment, COPD, Neuropsychological tests

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Awareness About Eye Bank and Willingness For Eye Donation among Medical Students in Western India –“Time to Educate Early”,2015;5(1):6-10

Author:Aruna Gupta, Roopam Gupta

Keywords:Eyebank, Eye donation, Awareness, Pledge, Medical college students

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A Study on Cardio Vascular Risk Factor Profile of Medical Students in a Tertiary Care Hospital of Central Kerala,2015;5(1):11-17

Author:Simmy Kurian, Manjula V.D., Annamma, Jaimol Zakariah

Keywords:Cardiovascular risk factors, Body Mass Index, Waist Circumference, Lipid profile, young medical students

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A Study on Role of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in Intracranial Space Occupying Lesions,2015;5(1):18-21

Author:Bhavesh Ramjibhai Goyani, Bhagwati V Ukani, Parth Naik, Hinal Bhagat Mahesh K. Vadel, Rakesh Sheth

Keywords:MRI, Intracranial space occupying lesion, tumour

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Same Day Sputum Microscopy Approach for The Diagnosis of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in A Microscopy Centre At A Tertiary Care Hospital in Bareilly,2015;5(1):22-24

Author:Vijayesh Kumar Tiwari, Mohd. Javed Khan, Ankit Khurana, Amit Kumar, Satyadeo Choubey, Nadeem Akbar

Keywords:Diagnosis, Sputum smear microscopy, Tuberculosis

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Histopathological Study of Renal Tumors in Resected Nephrectomy Specimens-An Experience From Teritary Care Centre,2015;5(1):25-29

Author:Nusrat Bashir, Yasir Bashir, Parveen Shah, Nazia Bhat, Othman Salim, Nuzhat Samoon, Humaira Bashir, Saleem Hussain, Dekyong Angmo, Tazeen Geelani, Danish Khan

Keywords:Renal tumors, clear cell, Wilms, Nephrectomy

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Role of maternal weight gain on perinatal outcome,2015;5(1):30-32

Author:Madhuri Alwani, Avneet Arora, Ratna Thakur

Keywords:Maternal Weight gain, Perinatal outcome, Pregnancy

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