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Issue-3 (July - Sep 2016)
CANSCORE- Important Index For Detection of Fetal Malnutrition at Birth,2016;6(3):226-229

Author:Ajay Sethi, Devang D Gandhi, Shradha H Patel, Darshan K Presswala, Shefali B Patel

Keywords:Malnutrition, CANSCORE, Ponderal Index, Mid Arm Circumference/ Head Circumference Ratio

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Comparative Study on Surgical Techniques of Incisional Hernia Repair,2016;6(3):230-232

Author:Prakash V. Chauhan, Hitendra K. Desai

Keywords:Incisional Hernia, Onlay repair, Preperitoneal repair, Mesh repair

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A Study on Clinical Profile of Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease,2016;6(3):233-236

Author:Sadiqul Islam, Mayank Agarwal, Anjam J Talukdar, Sangitanjan Dutta, Partha P Kalita

Keywords:IBD, CD, UC, CDAI

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Effect of Sudarshan Kriya Yoga on Auditory & Visual Reaction Time in Medical Students,2016;6(3):237-239

Author:Sushma S Jadhav, Rupali F Bandgar, Asha D Jadhav

Keywords:Auditory reaction time, Visual reaction time, Sudarshan kriya yoga, Medical student

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A Study on Cardiovascular Manifestation in Leptospirosis Cases in A Tertiary Care Hospital of Surat City,2016;6(3):240-242

Author:Prakash T Chand, Vivek R Garg, Mithram Z Wadia

Keywords:Leptospirosis, Cardiovascular Manifestation, 2D Echo

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Usefulness of Ultrasound Technology in Cases of Occular Trauma Attending Tertiary Eye Care Center in Medical College in Semi Urban Area in Gujarat,2016;6(3):243-246

Author:Jyotindra N Brambhatt, Akshay V Sahayata, Mansi V Sahayata, Himani V Chavda

Keywords:Ocular trauma, ultrasonography, retinal detachment, vitreous haemorrhage, corneal foreign body

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Post TB Pulmonary Disability: An Ongoing Challenge for India,2016;6(3):247-250

Author:Nimit V Khara, Bhavesh M Patel, Ravish M Kshatriya, Satish N Patel, Rajiv P Paliwal

Keywords:Spirometry, Six minute walk test, BMI

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