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Issue-1 (Jan - March 2014)
Risk Stratification of Body Mass Index,2014;4(1):1-6

Author:B L Preethi, G Jaisri

Keywords:BMI, hsCRP, Body mass index, C reactive protein, Obesity, Screening, CRP-hs, Highly Sensitive C Reactive Protein

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A Community Based Cross-Sectional Study to Assess the Unmet Need of Family Planning in Urban Slums and It’s Determinants in Western Part of India,2014;4(1):7-9

Author:Beena H Patel, Kapil M Gandha, Hetal T Koringa, Jitesh P Mehta, Dipesh V Parmar, Sudha B Yadav

Keywords:Unmet need, contraception, family planning, reproductive health, Urban Slums

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Efficacy of the Harmonic Synergy® Scalpel in the Surgical Removal of Fibrous Hyperplasia,2014;4(1):10-13

Author:Gerusa OM Cardoso, Vivian Narana El Achkar, Tássia Botrel, Walter Niccoli-Filho

Keywords:fibrous hyperplasia, harmonic scalpel, repair chronology

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Study of Maternal Outcome of Emergency and Elective Caesarean Section in A Semi-Rural Tertiary Hospital,2014;4(1):14-18

Author:Suja Daniel, Manjusha Viswanathan, Simi B N, Nazeema A

Keywords:Caesarean Section, Maternal outcome, Diabetes

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Morphological Study of Vault Suture & Its Correlation with Age in Central Rajasthan,2014;4(1):19-22

Author:William F Masih, Sumit Gupta, Pratima Jaiswal, Anita E Chand, Pramod Kumar Saraswat

Keywords:Cranial suture, suture, skull suture, Age estimation,Vault suture

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A Comparative Study on Symptoms and Microbiological Status of Tuberculosis in HIV Positive Persons,2014;4(1):23-26

Author:Jayant B Chauhan, Ghanshyam B Borisagar

Keywords:HIV, TB, smear negative, smear positive, culture

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Subclinical Systolic Dysfunction among Newly Diagnosed Hypertensives with Preserved Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction Using Two Dimensional Strain Imaging Method; Hospital Based Observational Study,2014;4(1):27-32

Author:Tulika Madaik, Prakash C Negi, Anita Padam, Urmil Gupta

Keywords:Speckle tracking, Systemic hypertension, Left ventricular function.

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