About the Journal

Aim and Scope of the Journal

The National Journal of Medical Research is a quarterly published peer-reviewed open access medical journal. It is dedicated to publishing high-quality research that advances our understanding of in field of medical sciences. Our mission is to provide a platform for researchers, clinicians, and healthcare professionals to share their knowledge and insights with a global audience. We strive to promote transparency, integrity, and excellence in scientific publishing through rigorous peer-review and adherence to ethical standards.

Our medical journal covers a wide range of topics related to medical sciences, including but not limited to clinical research, basic science, laboratory science, clinical epidemiology, public health, and healthcare policy. We welcome original research, systematic reviews, meta-analyses, case reports, case series, and other types of manuscripts that advance our understanding of medical science, health, and disease. We encourage submissions that address important issues in medical care and have the potential to impact clinical practice, policy, and patient outcomes.

Open Access Policy

All articles published in the National Journal of Medical Research are open accessed under a CC BY SA license. Click here for more details about our Open Access Policy.

Peer Review Policy

The NJMR follows a double-blind peer review process for all Original Articles, Short Articles/ Communications, Review Articles, Perspectives, Technical Reports and CMEs. Click here for more details about our Peer Review Policy.

Copyright and Licensing

For articles published in the NJMR, authors retain copyright of their work, with first publication rights granted to Medsci Publications.

All articles published in the NJMR are Open access under a CC BY SA license (Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 4.0 International). Click here for more details about our Copyright and Licencing Policy.

Authorship Policies

The NJMR, expect authors to follow recommendations of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) for the authorship of a paper.

Those who had substantially contributed for the conception or design of the research work, or the acquisition, analysis, or interpretation of data for the work, drafting the work or revising, and in agreement to be accountable for all aspects of the work are eligible for the authorship.

The corresponding author of a research manuscript is responsible for communication with the journal, manuscript submission, authorship criteria of all authors, disclosing any potential conflicts of interest, revision of manuscript, reviewing the proofs and approving the final version of the manuscript before publication.

Acknowledgements: The acknowledgement section may be used to thank anyone who contributed significantly to the work but is not eligible for authorship including source of funding. This section should not be used to mention anonymous referees or editors, superfluous words, or effusive praise in the acknowledgements.

Confidentiality Policy

All information submitted to our journal is considered confidential and will be treated as such. Authors are responsible for ensuring that their manuscript does not contain any confidential information that could compromise the confidentiality of their research participants or institutions. Reviewers are also required to maintain the confidentiality of the manuscripts they review and the comments they provide. Editorial members are responsible for ensuring that all information related to the manuscript, including reviewer comments and editorial decision-making processes, is kept confidential. Unless otherwise declared, the peer review process is confidential and conducted anonymously. The journal reserves the right to take appropriate action, against individuals who breach the confidentiality policy.

Plagiarism and Duplicate Publication

The NJMR would not consider any manuscript having any kind of plagiarism (copying text, or results without proper citation of the original author) including direct plagiarism, ‘patchwork’ plagiarism, mosaic plagiarism, self-plagiarism, auto-plagiarism or duplicate publications. Manuscript sent to the NJMR must be original and must not have been published before or be sent to another publication at the same time.

The submission of manuscripts for peer review is contingent upon the author ensuring that any previously published or unpublished data used in the work have been suitably credited, cited, and that the necessary permissions have been obtained.

In case of any type of plagiarism, the editors of the journal evaluate each of these cases on individual merits and decide further action. When plagiarism is discovered post publication, the original publication will be corrected or retracted, depending on the overall integrity of the published study.

The NJMR uses Similarity Check – Crossref services for assessing plagiarism.

Post Publication Correction & Retraction

The Post Publication Policies formed to address any issues that may arise after a manuscript has been published in our journal. The following are categories of corrections and post-publication updates to peer-reviewed articles.

Publisher’s Correction: A Publisher Correction may be published to correct an important error(s) made by the journal that affects the scientific integrity of the published article, the publication record, or the reputation of the authors or of the journal.

Author’s Corrections: We understand that errors or omissions may occur despite our best efforts to ensure the accuracy of published content. If author identify an error in a published article, it should be brought to our notice promptly. It will be considered after review by the editorial team and will be published, if found suitable.

Withdrawal of article: If we receive credible evidence of any misconduct like plagiarism, fraud or any other breach of ethical conduct, we will promptly investigate the matter and, if necessary, the affected article will be withdrawn from online content with issuance of withdrawal notification.

Changes in Name of Author: For authors who have changed their name for any genuine reason and wish to correct it on their published works, they may request a change in their name and other relevant biographical information.

Publication Ethics and Research Integrity

The fundamental principles of research ethics that require maximizing potential benefits and minimizing potential harm. The NJMR is committed to uphold highest ethical conduct of research which is guided by the following guidelines:

Click here for more details about our Publication Ethics and Research Integrity.

Competing interests (COI) Policy

We require all authors, reviewers, and editorial board members to disclose any competing interests (COI) that may influence their judgement or actions in conducting or reporting research. All the authors have to submit prescribed ‘Conflict of Interest (COI) statement’ (click to download). Click here for more details about our policy on Competing interests (COI).

Author’s Self-archiving

We encourage our authors to share their research publications by self-archiving their work in public repositories or on personal websites. Any self-archived version of the manuscript must include a citation to the published article in our journal.


The NJMR do not publish preprints. Posting a preprint does not impact the consideration of the manuscript for publication in our journal. However, authors are required to disclose the existence of any preprint versions of the manuscript during the submission process, including the DOI or other identifier of the preprint, and any subsequent updates or revisions to the preprint. The manuscripts are evaluated for the scientific content of the manuscript independently of any preprint versions.

Manuscript deposition / Archiving

Article published in the NJMR are deposited on the  PKP Preservation Network system to create a distributed archiving system among participating libraries, allowing those libraries to create permanent archives of the journal for purposes of preservation and restoration.

Publication Charges for Author

To cover the costs associated with publication and to ensure the sustainability of our open access model, we charge article processing charges (APCs) to authors upon acceptance of their article. Publication charges for Original Research Articles, Review Articles, Systematic Reviews/Meta-analysis, Study Protocol, Short Research Articles and Case Reports are Rs. 8,000/- for Indian Authors and USD 100.00 for foreign Authors. There are no submission charges. Click here for more details about publication charges.