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  • Richa Sharma Saraswathi Institute of Medical Sciences, Hapur, Uttar Pradesh
  • Remya S R Saraswathi Institute of Medical Sciences Hapur, Uttar Pradesh




haemoglobin, Chronic liver disease (CLD), Child Pugh score, CPS, Meld score


Introduction: Despite the clinical relevance and potential implications of anaemia in CLD, the available evidence regarding the association between anaemia and the severity of liver disease remains inconsistent and limited.

Method: A cross sectional study was done among 116 CLD patients to address this research gap by investigating the prevalence, Etiology, and clinical implications of anemia among patients with CLD.

Result: Out of total 116 patients, 57.8% had anemia. Among patients with anaemia, there were 56 males and 11 females. 71.2% (48) had mild anaemia, compared to 20.1% (14) and 20.1% (14) who had moderate and severe anaemia, respectively. 31 out of 67 (46.3%) were classified as CPS A and CPS B, and only 5 (7.4%) were classified as CPS C. When comparing patients with and without anaemia, the mean MELD points were 12.1 and 9.5, respectively.

Conclusion: there was association found between anaemia and the severity of chronic liver disease, as indicated by higher MELD, and a higher proportion of patients in the more severe Child-Pugh scores categories with anaemia.


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