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  • Richa Sharma Saraswathi Institute of Medical Sciences, Hapur, Uttar Pradesh
  • Jitender Kumar Patel Saraswathi Institute of Medical Sciences Hapur, Uttar Pradesh



Hypothyroidism, HbA1C : Glycosylated hemoglobin, TSH, Type 2 Diabetes mellitus


Background: Diabetes mellitus and thyroid illnesses are the two endocrine conditions that are seen in clinical practice the most frequently. Patients frequently have a tendency to suffer from both diabetes mellitus and thyroid dysfunction at the same time. This article illustrates why it is important to recognize the interdependent relationship that exists between thyroid illness and diabetes.

Method: Present study was conducted among 193 T2DM patients. Patients’ last three month glucose level was measured by HBA1c and thyroid dysfunction evaluated by thyroid profiling. Association and prediction of different variables for developing thyroid dysfunction among diabetic patients was calculated using chi-square, t test and ROC curve.

Result: Out of 193, 47 patients had thyroid dysfunction, majority 22(11.4%) had subclinical hypothyroidism. 13(6.7%) had Hypothyroidism, 6(3.1%) had subclinical Hyperthyroidism, 3(1.5%)  had Hyperthyroidism and 3(1.5%)  patients were euthyroid. The prevalence of established thyroid disease was higher in females 32 (68.1%). Out of 47 patients with thyroid dysfunction, 39(82.9%) patients had HBA1C >6.5%.

Conclusion: Age >50 years and female gender played as risk factor for developing thyroid dysfunction among patients with T2DM. HBA1C >6.5% and TSH more than 3.65mIU/L  was independent risk factor for predicting thyroid dysfunction in T2DM.


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