Comparative Analysis of Vaccination Status in Enteric Fever: Correlating Clinical and Laboratory Parameters


  • Nixat Patel Government Medical College, Surat, India
  • Khyati Sasani Nirmal hospital, Surat city, India
  • Swapnil Shah Nirmal hospital, Surat city, India



Enteric fever, Hepatitis vaccine, Salmonella typhi, Immunization, Hepatitis


Introduction: The emergence of resistant haplotypes of Salmonella makes control via vaccination an urgent priority. This study was conducted to evaluate the clinical and investigative profile of enteric fever cases admitted during study period at Nirmal hospital private limited, Surat and their typhoid immunization status to assess difference in presentation and clinic-investigation profile between immunized and unimmunized group.

Methodology: This cross-sectional study conducted among children admitted with enteric fever. All the children were assessed for hepatitis vaccination status. Clinical and laboratory parameters were correlated with vaccination status.

Results: Out of 101 study subjects, only 19 (18.81%) were immunized with any of the typhoid vaccine. Signs-symptoms and complications were not associated with immunization status (p > 0.05). Lower hemoglobin level and higher WBC count were associated with immunization status (p <0.05). The mean difference in Absolute Eosinophil Count was found statistically insignificant. (p 0.109) between two groups.

Conclusion: The enteric fever is more common in school going age group of 5-14 years of age. Vaccination against typhoid provides protection against infection with S. Typhi. Vaccination can also help to reduce anemia during episode of enteric fever.


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