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Fetal kidney length, Gestational age, Third trimester, Ultrasound


Fetal kidney length (FKL) has recently been found to have a strong correlation with gestational age. According to the findings of these investigations, the fetal kidney length may be utilized to estimate gestational age when dates are ambiguous or when women seek ultrasound fetal biometry dating during the third trimester itself.

GA estimation is also a prerequisite to interpret certain tests (amniotic fluid assay, serum assay, chorionic villus sampling) and to plan timing of various forms of fetal therapy. Failure in estimating GA accurately can result in unnecessary induction, dysfunctional labor, operative delivery, iatrogenic prematurity or post maturity, false interpretation of tests and delay or failure of fetal therapy, thereby increasing perinatal morbidity and mortality.

This review looks in to various studies assessing correlation of Fetal kidney length with gestational age in third trimester of pregnancy and provide a comprehensive view on use of Fetal kidney length for estimation of gestational age in third trimester of pregnancy.


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