Confidentiality Policy

We recognise the importance of maintaining confidentiality in human research and uphold it for all submitted manuscripts, reviewer comments, and editorial decision-making processes. All information submitted to our journal is considered confidential and will be treated as such.

Role of Author

Authors are responsible for ensuring that their manuscript does not contain any confidential information that could compromise the confidentiality of their research participants or institutions. We ask authors to ensure that any confidential information is appropriately anonymized or masked to protect the identity of individuals or organisations involved in the research.

Role of Reviewer

Reviewers are also required to maintain the confidentiality of the manuscripts they review and the comments they provide. Reviewers should not discuss the manuscript with anyone outside of the journal or use any of the information contained in it for their own purposes.

Role of Editor

Editorial members are responsible for ensuring that all information related to the manuscript, including reviewer comments and editorial decision-making processes, is kept confidential. Unless otherwise declared, the peer review process is confidential and conducted anonymously; the identities of reviewers are not released. Editorial members should not discuss the manuscript, or any information related to it with anyone outside of the journal or use any of the information contained in the manuscript for their own purposes.

Disciplinary Action in case of Breach of Policy

We reserve the right to take appropriate action, against individuals who breach our confidentiality policy. This may include disclosing the breach to relevant parties and revoking an individual's privileges to submit, review, or edit manuscripts for our journal.

We believe that maintaining the confidentiality of our authors, reviewers, and editorial members is essential for maintaining the integrity and credibility of our journal's content. Therefore, we take confidentiality seriously and expect all individuals involved in the publication process to respect our confidentiality policy.