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Issue-4 (Oct - Dec 2016)
Transportation of injured force personnel by Air – Merit & Demerits,2016;6(4):325-327

Author:Dinesh Thakur, B. K. Mehta

Keywords:Air ambulance, air medical transportation, critical care, patient transport, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

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Comparing Clinical diagnosis and Laboratory Diagnosis in Paediatric Patients of Acute Viral Hepatitis in Ahmedabad, Gujarat,2016;6(4):328-331

Author:Ekta A Dalal, Gaurav Vishal

Keywords:Hepatitis, SGPT, S. Bilirubin, Icterus

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Study of Adverse Drug Reaction in Anaesthesia Practice,2016;6(4):332-335

Author:Rachana Gandhi, Ila Patel, Alka Shah

Keywords:Adverse Drug Reaction, Haemacele, Bronchospasm, Urticaria, Convulsion

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Renal Cell Carcinoma : MRI and Histopathological Subtype Correlation,2016;6(4):336-339

Author:Rahul H Sharma, Hinal R Bhagat, Yash N Jardosh, Pradip K Anand

Keywords:Renal cell carcinoma ( RCC ), Magnetic resonance imaging ( MRI ), Clear cell carcinoma, Tumor to cortex enhancement index, Bosniak grading system

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A Study of the Association between Patterns of Eye Drop Prescription and Medication Usage in Glaucoma Subjects,2016;6(4):340-343

Author:Punit Singh, Raghunandan Kothari, Ruta Shah, Shrey Rayajiwala, Aakash V Patel, Roshni Patel

Keywords:Glaucoma, Prescription, Ophthalmology, Eye Drops

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Role of Random Urinary Protein to Creatinine Ratio in Mild Preeclampsia,2016;6(4):344-348

Author:Manoj C Lokhande, Avinash N Jadhao

Keywords:Preeclampsia, Proteinuria, Protein to creatinine (P/C) ratio

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Topical Proparacaine 0.5% Anaesthesia : Pain Management and Intraoperative Corneal Epithelial Edema in Phacoemulsification Catract Surgery,2016;6(4):349-353

Author:Shashi Prabha Prasad, Gira Raninga, Minal Doulatramani, Saurabh Ashtamkar, Asim Naik

Keywords:Cataract, Propacaine Hydrochloride, Corneal Epithelial Edema

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