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Issue-1 (Jan-March 2017)
Assessment of Quality of Life in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients in a Tertiary Care Hospital from South India,2017;7(1):29-32

Author:Sasi Sekhar T.V.D, Appala Naidu R, Vara Lakshmi R, Ramya A, Uma Devi U

Keywords:Predialysis; Hemodialysis; SF-36; Chronic kidney insufficiency, Mental health, HRQoL.

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The Influence of Central Corneal Thickness on Intraocular Pressure, Measured by Different Tonometers: Noncontact and Goldmann Applanation Tonometers,2017;7(1):33-36

Author:Punit Singh, Raghunandan Kothari, Himadri Patel

Keywords:Central corneal thickness, Intraocular pressure, Tonometers, Noncontact, Goldmann applanation tonometers

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A Study of Direct and Concentrated Smear Microscopy by Zeihl Neelsen and Fluorescent Staining for Diagnosis of Suspected Tuberculosis in Tertiary Care Hospital,2017;7(1):37-41

Author:Rachana Patel, Pragnesh Bhuva, Mannu Jain, Shashwati Bhuva, Pinal Mangukiya

Keywords:Direct and concentrated smear microscopy, Zeihl Neelsen and Fluorescent staining, suspected Tuberculosis

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Etiological Spectrum of Cirrhosis In Anand District, Gujarat, India,2017;7(1):42-46

Author:Sulabhsinh G Solanki, Nikhil D Patel, Payal J Patel

Keywords:Cirrhosis, NAFLD, HBV

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Morphometric Dimensions of Human Ear Ossicles of Males,2017;7(1):47-51

Author:Shubhpreet Sodhi, Zora Singh, Jai Lal

Keywords:Otology, Ossicles, Measurements

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Vaccum Assisted Plastination Using Melamyne,2017;7(1):52-56

Author:Aarushi Jain, Sandhya Mehra, Kalpana Makhija, Shweta Asthana

Keywords:Plastination, intermittent vacuum assisted impregnation, melamyne, acetonometers

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Women Under Duress: A Cross-Sectional Study on Violence against Women in District Dehradun,2017;7(1):57-61

Author:Vidisha Vallabh, Ashok K Srivastava, Ruchi Juyal, Jayanti Semwal

Keywords:Violence against women, harassment, eve teasing, gender-based violence, perception of safety

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