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Issue-1 (Jan-Mar 2019)
Assessment of Preparedness Activities and Beneficiary Satisfaction of Dastak Abhiyan,2019;9(1):32-38

Author:Priya Kotwani, Vaibhav Patwardhan, Somen Saha

Keywords:Preparedness Assessment, Beneficiary Satisfaction, Dastak Abhiyan

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Blood stream infection among the febrile neutropenic patients suffering from hematological disorders at a tertiary care centre, North India,2019;9(1):39-42

Author:Munesh Kumar Gupta, Ravikant Sharma, Nilesh Kumar, Ranjan Bhattanagar, Pankaj Kannauje, Vijay Parashar, Kailash Kumar

Keywords:Blood stream infection, febrile neutropenia, hematological disorders

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A Study on the Anatomical Variations of Occipital Condyles in the Dry Adult Human Occipital Bones,2019;9(1):43-47

Author:Anwesa Pal, Prerana Aggarwal, Asis Kumar Ghosal, Indra Datta, Shirshendu Ganguly

Keywords:Far lateral transcondylar approach, Posterior condylar foramen, Hypoglossal canal

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Effect of Moderate Dose of Inhaled Budesonide on HbA1c in Asthmatic Children,2019;9(1):48-50

Author:Wasim A Wani, Sheeraz A Dar, Mudasir N. Mir, Javeed I. Bhat, Bashir A Charoo

Keywords:Budesonide, HbA1c, Asthma, Children

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Case of Acute Postpartum Infective Sacroiliitis,2019;9(1):51-53

Author:Santosh S Borkar, Shivraj S Konde, Sidheshwar S Thosar, Siddharth Kumar

Keywords:Sacroiliitis, infective, Postpartum, lumbogluteal.

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Spinal Injuries Profile in 2018 Palu-Donggala Earthquake and Tsunami, Indonesia,2019;9(1):54-56

Author:Jainal Arifin, Moh. Asri Abidin, Astrawinata Guatama

Keywords:spinal injury, earthquakes, natural disasters

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Ipsilateral Transposition Fibular Graft for Reconstruction of the Tibial Diaphysis and Soft Tissue Defect,2019;9(1):57-58

Author:Nur Rahmansyah, Mirza Ariandi, Henry Yurianto, Ruksal Saleh

Keywords:Transposition, Fibular Graft, Bone Defect, amputation

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