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Issue-3 (July-Sep 2017)
Assessment of Compliance in Children (0-16years) using Low Vision Aids,2017;7(3):106-109

Author:Rahul Deshpande, Col Madan Deshpande, Kuldeep S Dole, Khurshed Bharucha, Anita Bhargava

Keywords:QOL: quality of life, BCVA: best corrected visual acuity,LVA: low vision aids, Pune

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Is There Any Role Of Induction Chemotherapy In Unresectable Locally Advanced Head And Neck Cancers: An Institutional Data.,2017;7(3):110-114

Author:Manika Batra, Vishesh Gumdal

Keywords:Head and neck cancer, Induction Chemotherapy, Chemo-radiotherapy, Paclitaxel, Cisplatin

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Study of Audiovisual Reaction Time in Indian Classical Singers,2017;7(3):115-117

Author:Yuvraj Gharu, Luxmi Gharu

Keywords:Choice Reaction Time, Audio Reaction Time, Visual Reaction Time, Indian Classical Singers and Normal Controls

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The Role of Image Guided Biopsy in Suspected Tuberculosis of Spine,2017;7(3):118-123

Author:S A Mustafa Johar, Prasad Patgaonkar, Vivek Patel, Murtuza Rassiwala, Anshul Patel, Setul Shah

Keywords:Tuberculosis, Spine, Image guided biopsy, BACTEC, CBNAAT

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The Role of Tranexamic Acid topical Administration for Primary Hemiarthroplasty,2017;7(3):124-126

Author:Santosh S Borkar, Shivraj S Konde, Viraj R Bhoir, Sameer D Desai, Yash K Shah

Keywords:Tranexamic acid, intraarticular,blood loss, hemiarthroplasty

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A Study to Compare the Clinical Features & Laboratory Findings of Seropositive & Seronegative Cases of Rheumatoid Arthritis,2017;7(3):127-130

Author:Abhirup Sinha, Raja Bhattacharya, Ritasman Baisya, Urmimala Bhattacharjee, Pallab Biswas, Akashdisp Bhattacharya

Keywords:Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), Rheumatoid Factor, AntiCCP antibody, Sero-positive & negative RA

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A Study on Fibrinogen Levels in Patients of Acute Stroke,2017;7(3):131-134

Author:Kamalchandra P Naik, Vandana Dhangar, Dipika Patel, Nihar Patel, Dharmil M Patel

Keywords:Acute Stroke, Fibrinogen, Hypertension, Diabetes

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