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Ovarian Huge Serous Cystadenoma in Adolescent Girl: A Case Report,2013;3(2):187-189

Author:Ilhan Ciftci, Tamer Sekmenli, Serdar Ugras

Keywords:Adolescent; Ovarian Cysts/diagnosis*; Cystadenoma, Serous/surgery; Ovarian Neoplasms/surgery; Ovarian cystadenoma

Type:Case report

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A Study of Fetomaternal Outcome of Epidural Analgesia During Labour,2013;3(2):184-186

Author:Shital H Halvadia, Hardik B Halvadia, Rachit M Joshi, Devanshi P Upadhyaya

Keywords:Epidural analgesia, Labour, Apgar score, Mode of delivery.

Type:Original Article

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Laceration of Internal Iliac Vein During Internal Iliac Artery Ligation,2013;3(2):190-192

Author:Mayur R Gandhi, Gunvant K Kadikar

Keywords:Post partum hemorrhage, internal iliac artery ligation, internal iliac vein injury.

Type:Case report

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Clear Cell Sarcoma of Gluteal Region Malignant Melanoma of Soft Parts,2013;3(2):193-195

Author:Haren V. Oza, Jignasa N Bhalodia, Kinara A. Patel, Palak J. Modi

Keywords:Clear cell sarcoma (C C S), Malignant melanoma (M M) of soft part, gluteal region.

Type:Case report

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Shortage of Blood! Youths, The Trend Setters, Can They Help to Meet the Needs?,2013;3(2):196-197

Author:Umakanth Siromani, Thasian T, Rita Isaac, Dolly Daniel, Selvaraj K G, Joy John Mammen, Sukesh Chandra Nair

Keywords:Voluntary blood donation, shortage, students' organizations

Type:Short Communication

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Type:Review article

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