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title:A Rare Case of Aberrant Migration of Primordial Germ Cells – Yolk Sac Tumor of Uterus

Author:Tandon Rakesh, Chugh Ashima, Patel Harsh, Aggarwal Deepti

Keywords:Teratoma, Yolk sac tumor , Alfa fetoprotein

Type:Case report

Abstract:Yolk sac tumor of uterus is a very rare tumor seen in young women. It is thought that these tumors arise in the uterus as a result of aberrant migration of primordial germ cells. We present a case of 12 year old female with complaints of lump & pain in abdomen. CT report suggested germ cell tumor of ovary. Cytology report suggested teratoma. The mass was excised & sent to our pathology department for histopathological examination. The mass was 14X14X8 cm. On C/S a cyst was seen arising from the posterior wall of uterus measuring 10X7X3 cm. On gross examination ovary appeared normal. We reported Yolk sac tumor of uterus with heterologous differentiated mesenchymal components – (T3aNxMx) Stage IIIA. The section from the ovary did not show any remarkable pathology. Alfa fetoprotein was also raised in this patient.

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