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title:Transient Appearance of Blasts in Peripheral Smear in Paediatric Patient with Acute Aleukemic Leukemia

Author:Vaghasiya Viren L, Parikh Hina S, Patel Divyesh V, Taviad Dilip S

Keywords:Transient, Peripheral blood, Aleukemic leukemia

Type:Case report

Abstract:Acute leukemia can present as leukemic blast in peripheral blood & bone marrow or in some cases in only in bone marrow. Here we present unique case of paediatric acute leukaemia which shows blast cells in peripheral blood transiently and without any definitive treatment blast cell disappear from peripheral blood. So diagnosis made previously was questioned, but later on when bone marrow examination was performed it turn out to be acute leukaemia. We haven’t found any reference of similar phenomenon in similar clinical settings

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