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title:Comparison of Efficacy of Dial Flow Microdrip Sets for Hyperviscous Fluids

Author:Shiraboina Madanmohan , Ramachandran Gopinath

Keywords:Microdrip dialflow sets, Hyperviscous fluids, efficacy

Type:Short Communication

Abstract:The current study was conducted with an objective to compare efficacy of dial flow microdrip sets for hyperviscous fluids. Four different sets and two hyperviscous fluids were used to eliminate bias. The study was done by suspending buret sets which was attached with microdrip dial flow sets and set rate was 100 ml/min. we noted the time to flow 100ml. 3 sets were delivered fluid as per set rate with insignificant p value. Micro drip dial flow sets can be used for hyperviscous fluids.

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