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title:A Variation in The High Division of The Sciatic Nerve and Its Relation with Piriformis Muscle

Author:Shailesh Patel, Mitesh Shah, Rakesh Vora, Ankur Zalawadia, S P Rathod

Keywords:Sciatic Nerve, Piriformis, variation, gluteal region, lesser pelvis

Type:Original Article

Abstract:The aim of the study was to describe and analyze sciatic nerve variation especially the higher division within the lesser pelvis and its different routes of exit from pelvis. The sciatic nerve (SN) separates into its branches, the tibial and common peroneal nerves, outside the pelvis. However, it may rarely be separated within the pelvis. In such cases, the tibial nerve and the common peroneal nerve may leave the pelvis through different routes. These variations may cause nerve compressions under other anatomic structures, resulting in non-discogenic sciatica. 86 gluteal regions were examined in 43 formalin-fixed adult cadavers from different medical colleges of Gujarat region. From the study we found higher division of sciatic nerve bilaterally mainly in the female which is very rare and unilateral higher division of sciatic nerve which is also rare. The differences in the exit routes of these two nerves are important for surgeons, as this is the area of frequent surgical manipulation, nerve injury during deep intramuscular injections in gluteal region, failed sciatic nerve block in anesthesia and injury during posterior hip operations.

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