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title:Prevalence and Associated Factors of Back Pain Among Dentists in South Gujarat

Author:Patel Harshid L, Marwadi Mehul R, Rupani Mihir, Patel Priyanka Patel

Keywords:Musculo-skeleton pain, dentist, exercise, posture

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Introduction: Dentistry is a high risk profession for developing back pain because high visual demands result in prolonged and affixed as well as uncomfortable postures. Objectives: This study has been conducted to measure prevalence of pain related to dental work among dentists in Surat city and to identify the aggravating and relieving factors associated with the pain. Methodology: In this cross sectional study, 154 randomly selected dentists were interviewed. Results: Prevalence of pain was 63.6 percent. Back was the commonest site for pain. Prolong sitting was reported to be the most common aggravating factor for pain while correcting working post relieve pain in most. Most of the dentists did not take any treatment for pain which may adversely affect the condition and increases the severity of the pain. Regular daily exercise as well as physiotherapy are helpful to relieve pain but very few doing it regularly. Some dentists took pain killers while very few consulted orthopedic surgeons for treatments.

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