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title:Evaluation of Results of Multiplanar Fixation in Lower Third Tibia Fracture

Author:Sanjay N Modi, Jigneshkumar L Baria

Keywords:Multiplanar fixation, tibia fracture

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction: The objective to assess and analyze the Functional, Radiological and Clinical outcomes of operatively managed lower third tibia fractures usingdistal tip interlock nail. Methods: With the ethical committee approval from the SMIMER medical college, Surat the descriptive longitudinal study was done on 25 patients. Patients who sustained extrarticular distal tibia fractures from 4cms - 11cms above the tibial plafond and were treated by intramedullary interlocking nailing were included in the study. Both open and closed fractures were included. Patients with pathological fractures, stress fractures, paediatric patients (< 14 years of age), metabolic bone diseases, distal tibia fractures with intra-articular involvement. Results: The average time taken to partial weight bearing was 8.16 weeks (range of 4 weeks to 12 weeks). The average time taken to full weight bearing was 13.2 weeks (range of 10 weeks to 18 weeks). The average time taken to return to work was 29.68 weeks (range of 12 weeks to 54 weeks). Conclusion: Distal tibia metadiaphyseal fractures may be treated successfully with low, multidirectional locked nails. Low, multidirectional locked nailing may represent a superior surgical option, since it offers advantages in terms of mean operating time, hospital stay, full weight-bearing time and union time involvement."

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