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title:Correlation of Ultrasonography and Doppler Findings of Pelvic Masses in Female Patients with Clinical and Histopathological Features

Author:Shankarsnehit B Patil, Raveendra D Totad, Ramesh V Mankare, Praveen Ganganahalli

Keywords:Ultrasonography, Histopathology, Pelvic mass, Correlation

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction: Pelvic masses are quite common presentation of a gynaecological pathology. In clinical practice these are assessed by clinical pelvic examination. Differential diagnosis of pelvic mass is difficult and complex. Sonography usually provides clinically important parameters for the evaluation of pelvic mass. Pelvic sonography can confirm the presence or absence of a suspected pelvic mass. Objectives: To compare the diagnostic accuracy of preoperative ultrasound with operative and pathological findings. To know the sensitivity, specificity and predictive value of Ultrasonography of benign and malignant masses. Methods: correlation study conducted among females of all age group in designated hospitals presenting with abdominal/pelvic problems or attending USG scanning for any reason. Observations: Out of total of 80 patients who presented with pelvic mass were part of this study spread over a period of one and half year. Out of 80 cases, 4 cases are wrongly diagnosed on Ultrasonography. Ultrasound diagnosis in all the patients is confirmed either on histopathology, post-operative findings or on follow-up ultrasound scans. Conclusion: Ultrasonography is recommended to be a very useful modality with regards to diagnostic yield. It makes possible to establish the diagnosis quickly and thus start appropriate treatment early."

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