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title:Characteristics of Burn Injury in Paediatric Age Group

Author:Satish D Gadade, Narendra N Hombalkar, Priya D Dhandore, Monali D Sonawane

Keywords:Burn injury, Paediatric, Total Body Surface Area (TBSA)

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction: Burn injury in paediatric age group up to 15 years of age are generally caused by accidents and constitute a major health problem and are leading cause at childhood morbidity and mortality worldwide. This study aimed to describe the characteristics of the bury injury in paediatric age group that help to explore priority areas to target preventive programs. Aim and Objective: The study designed to find out the common causes & site of burn injury and to find out the common presentation and associated complications of burn injury in paediatric age group. The study analyses the Total Body Surface Area (TBSA) percentage wise cases of burn injury in paediatric age group. Method: In this study, patients were studied retrospectively with regard to their age, sex, cause of burns, type of burns, site of burns, burned body surface area, medical history, site of injury. Results: 40 female and 43 male subjects were examined. Majority of subjects were in the age group less than or equal to 2 years with 11-20 percent total body surface area involvement. Patient less than 2 year has superficial burns. Most common site of burns was anterior trunk. Majority burns are accidental, most injuries occurring at home Conclusion: Preschool stages and male children were at risk for burn injury. The scald burn injury is most common. It reflects lack of awareness of dangerous substances in this age group and lack of domestic safety with poor supervision in families. Raising awareness among patients or parents about the fire safety is important for prevention of such injuries. "

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