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title:A Study of Sacralisation of Fifth Lumbar Vertebra in Gujarat

Author:Kubavat Dharati, Nagar SK, Malukar Ojaswini, Trivedi Dipali, Shrimankar Paras, Patil Sucheta

Keywords:Anatomic variations, low backpain, Transitional vertebra

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Introduction: In the lumbosacral region anatomical variations are related with change in the number of sacral vertebra by union of fifth lumbar vertebra or first coccyx with sacrum or deletion of first sacral vertebra. This study is carried to know the prevalence of sacralisation of fifth lumbar vertebra in Gujarat Method: The present study of sacralisation of fifth lumbar vertebra was carried out on 189 dry human sacra of gujarati population,115 male and 74 female. Result: A typical sacrum consisting of 5 segments was observed in 165 (87.3 %) specimen, while sacralisation of fifth lumbar vertebra was seen in 21(11.1 %)cases and lumbarisation of first sacral vertebra was seen in3 (1.3 %)cases. Conclusion: The significant number of sacralisation can have a bearing on counting of vertebral levels specially during planning of spinal surgey, this study can be of use as a prelude to any type of experimental work in biomechanics, for diagnostic and therapeutic purpose in low back pain.

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