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title:A Study of Thyroid Dysfunction in Chronic Kidney Disease at Tertiary Care Hospital in South Gujarat

Author:Prerak V Chaudhary, Chinmay A Patel, Nilesh M Doctor

Keywords:Chronic Kidney Disease, TSH, Thyroid

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Objective - To study thyroid function abnormalities in patients with CKD. To correlate the thyroid function abnormalities with stage and duration of CKD. Methods - The cross sectional study was carried out on 53 patients above the age of 18 years presenting with CKD in OPD/wards of medicine department at Tertiary Care Center, South Gujarat. Result- Most common abnormality in thyroid hormones found in our study was low T3. Female cases were equally affected with thyroid hormone abnormalities as male cases. No statistically significant difference in T3, T4 and TSH hormone levels was noted with respect to duration of CKD. Conclusion - There are no considerable variations in T3 and TSH hormone levels with respect to stage and duration of CKD, however there is statistically significant decline T4 hormone levels with increasing severity of renal failure. "

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