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title:Morphometric Study of the Dry Femur in South Gujarat Population

Author:Vipul D Patel, Rashvaita K Patel

Keywords:Femur, morphometric study, south gujarat population

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction: Femur is the longest and strongest bone of the body located within thigh extending from hip to knee. In upright posture, it transmits the body weight from hip to knee. Like other long bones femur also possess superior and inferior extremities and intervening shaft. Statistical analysis of widespread studies about femoral geometry reveals variations in different parameters among different population. Significant differences prevail across gender, age, race and other factors. Today the world face the epidemy of proximal femoral fractures due to increasing road traffic accidents, osteoporotic femur in old age, avascular necrosis of femoral head etc. Proximal femur fractures accounts for large proportion of hospitalization among trauma cases. Surgical intervention using various implants is not infrequent mode of treatment in these cases. Aim and Objective: Knowledge of various bony components of upper end of femur has become important for orthopaedicians and prosthetists. So present study is aimed to determine regional pattern about certain metrics in different parameters of femur. Method: With approval from ethical committee, the study was conducted on 200 dried macerated specimens of adult human femora available at anatomy department government medical college, Surat. Different parameters studied. Results: Different parameters of femur like Vertical diameter of head of femur, Vertical diameter of neck of femur at superioinferior directions, Transverse diameter of the neck of femur at antero posterior directions, Neckshaft angle, Circumference of neck, Maximum length on osteomatric board between head of the femur to medial condyle, Trochanteric length between greater trochanter to lateral condyle, Bicondylar width studied and compared with different studies. The present study can deliver excellent performance and excellent literature for the orthopaedicans and prosthetists. It also help to find out regional variations in the parameter measured."

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