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title:One Stage Treatment of Surgical Release Constriction Band Syndrome

Author:Randy Presly Octavianus, Luky Tandio Putra, M. Ruksal Saleh, Muhammad Sakti

Keywords:Constriction Band Syndrome

Type:Case report

Abstract:Boy 2 years old presented with unilateral congenital constriction bands at right legs since birth. The constriction band is seen at the junction of middle and distal third of right lower limb with lymphedema. When his mother expecting him, she attended antenatal clinic at a government general hospital but at second trimester of pregnancy suddenly she cannot moved all of her extremity. She was treated in general hospitals and get parenteral medications but she doesn’t know what drugs it was. No history of bleeding, intake of herbal preparation nor drugs not prescribed by a clinician. No family history of hand and foot deformity.

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