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title:A Study of Serum High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein and Homocysteine Levels in Young Adults with Acute Ischemic Stroke

Author:Yusra Fatima, Shafiqur R Mohammed, Zoheb Mohammed

Keywords:Ischemic Stroke, HsCRP, Homocysteine, Young adults, Indian population

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Background: High sensitivity C-reactive protein (hsCRP) and homocysteine are considered important markers for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Many studies have shown that high hsCRP and homocysteine levels are risk factors for ischemic stroke. Objective: Our objective is to investigate hsCRP and homocysteine levels in blood in young (49 years or below) and older (over 49 years) adults with ischemic stroke in a tertiary care hospital. Material and Methods: We retrospectively studied forty acute ischemic stroke patients admitted at Owaisi Hospital and Research Centre, Hyderabad, for six months (June 2019 to December 2019). Patients were divided into younger and older adults and all underwent tests as per standard protocol for stroke. Results: HsCRP level was elevated in 20 of 24 older stroke patients and in all young stroke patients (p<0.05). The mean hsCRP was significantly high in stroke patients overall (11.7mg/L).Fasting serum homocysteine level was elevated in 12 patients, mean value in them being 31.54 mg/dl and the difference was insignificant between younger and older patients. Conclusions: Elevated hsCRP, fasting homocysteine levels are strongly associated with acute ischemic stroke. A higher proportion of young stroke patients are found to have elevated hsCRP levels compared to older adults, while there is no significant difference in fasting homocysteine levels between the same.

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