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title:Correlation of Estrogen Receptor(ER), Progesterone Receptor(PR) and Her2/neu expression with Clinicopathological Parameters in Primary Breast Carcinoma -A Study of 175 cases

Author:Hiral Samir Shah, Neema Ankur Rana, Meena Rajiv Daveshwar, Amrish N Shah, Pankti I Macwan, Hena D Sodha, Kinjal D Patel

Keywords:ER-Estrogen receptor, PR-Progesterone receptor, Her2/Neu, Primary Breast carcinoma

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction: Breast carcinoma is the most common malignant tumor worldwide and leading cause ofdeath in women .Present study was aimed to study patterns of expression of Hormone receptor (ER PR) andHer-2/neu in invasive breast carcinoma and to correlate ER PR status and Her-2/neu expression with various clinicopathological parameters. Hormone receptor and Her2/neu expression are now widely used as prognostic markers and to decide therapeutic modality in breast carcinoma. Materials and Method: 175 cases of Invasive primary Breast carcinoma were studied from May 2014 to September 2017.Routine H and E staining for histopathological diagnosis and IHC analysis for ER,PR receptor with Her2/neu were carried out in all cases. Results: Mean age at diagnosis was 51.3 years. The predominant histology was Invasive ductal carcinoma 90.9% cases. Most lesions 65.1% were >2 to5 cm in size. Majority of cases were grade II (47.2%) and grade III (47.8%).. Immunohistochemistry revealed 29.8% cases to be ER positive, 32.0% cases PR positive and 29.1% cases Her2/neu positive. 55.7% cases were triple negative. . Conclusion: In our studyER,PR receptor and Her2neu expression revealed significant association with clinicopathological parameters. As the grade of the tumor increased ER and PR positivity gradually decreased. No significant correlation was seen between Her2/neu and tumor grade .ER positivity decreased as size of tumor increased. Lymph node metastasis and lymphovascular invasion showed significant correlation with ER,PR and Her2/neuexpression. ER, PR and Her2/neu expression did not show any significant correlation with age.

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