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title:Study of Prevalence and Risk Factors of Postpartum Depression

Author:Desai Nimisha D, Mehta Ritambhara Y, Ganjiwale Jaishree

Keywords:Postpartum depression, Risk factors, Prevalence

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Background: The burden of postpartum depression is significant because it remains unrecognized and it not only affects the mother adversely but also has a negative consequence on the family life and the development of the infant. Aim: The present study aims to study the prevalence and risk factors of postpartum depression among mothers attending the well baby clinic for vaccination of their Children. Methods: Around 200 Gujarati women of postpartum period, up to 1year, were randomly selected and assessed using the semi structured proforma including DSM-IV TR diagnostic criteria for depression and predictive index of postnatal depression, to find out risk factors. Results: The prevalence rate of postpartum depression was 12.5%. Women who delivered a girl child were observed to have higher odds of getting PPD [OR 5.487, CI ( 1.563,19.258)], also multigravida [OR 5.391, CI (1.17,24.849)], women having past history of miscarriage [OR 4.613 ,CI(1.299,16.385)], women feeling tense during pregnancy [OR11.716, CI (2.729,50.293)],women who could not confide in partner [10.43 ,CI (3.642,28.219] and absence of someone other than mother and partner in whom the woman could confide [OR 8.909, CI(1.869,42.473)] were found to be the strongest predictors for developing postpartum depression. Conclusion: A significant proportion of Gujarati women had postpartum depression and many psychosocial factors are associated with it.

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