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title:Study of Prevalence of Violence and its Association with Psychopathology in Patients with First Episode of Psychosis in One of the Tertiary Care Centre of North India

Author:Sunny Garg, Ramesh Kumar, Vineet Sharma, Alka Chauhan

Keywords:Violence, Psychopathology, Substance abuse, Verbal aggression.

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction:. Violence is extremely diffuse and complex phenomenon.. Violence is among the leading cause of death. Individual with mental disorder may be two or three times more likely to behave violently and acquiring a criminal conviction for violence. Patients with substance abuse are among the highest risk groups than patients with psychosis. Psychopathology is also a major determinant of violence. Aims and objectives: To study the socio- demographic variables, clinical profile and relationship of violence and psychopathology in patients with first episode of psychosis. Methods: A cross sectional observational study of 200 patients was done. Patients with first episode of psychosis diagnosed according to ICD-10, who met the Inclusion criteria. Patients information was recorded on the socio-demographic and clinical profile sheet. Thereafter, Modified Overt Aggression Scale (MOAS) for assessment of violent behavior and Comprehensive Psychopathology Rating Scale (CPRS) for assessment of psychopathology were applied. Results: Most of the patients were between 21-30 years, male, unemployed, unmarried. Most of the patients were diagnosed as cases of schizophrenia. Verbal aggression was shown by all the patients. Suicidality was shown by only 8 patients. Most of the patients were having delusions and Hallucinations. Conclusions: Violent behavior is possibly the result of psychopathology. Therefore, psychopathology is an important factor in inducing violent behavior in patients with first episode of psychosis. "

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