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title:Comparative Evaluation of Incidence of Post-operative Sore Throat after Nebulization with Ketamine and Lignocaine in Patients Undergoing General Anaesthesia

Author:Archana P Vaghela, Roshni S Shah, Divyang V Shah

Keywords:Post-operative sore throat, Ketamine, Lignocaine, Nebulization

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction: Post-operative pharyngeal discomfort or sore throat is unavoidable outcome of endotracheal intubation. There are some pharmacological and non-pharmacological methods for prevention of post-operative sore throat. Nebulization is better than gargle or other methods as small volume of drug required for effect, easy way of administration, better patient compliance and most importantly no risk of aspiration as seen with gargle. Method: Fifty patients of ASA grading I and II, aged between 15-65 years undergoing general anaesthesia on elective basis were randomly divided in two groups. Twenty-five patients received pre-operative nebulization with 1cc ketamine (50mg) with 1cc normal saline while others received nebulization with 1cc Lignocaine 4% with 1cc normal saline. Then General anaesthesia was given. Number of intubation attempts, duration of laryngoscopy and duration of surgery were recorded. Patients were evaluated for post-operative sore throat, hoarseness of voice and cough up to 24hours after extubation. Results: Incidence of post-operative sore throat was reduced with ketamine nebulization while incidence of cough after extubation was less with lignocaine nebulization. Incidence of hoarseness of voice was comparable in both groups. Conclusion: Pre-operative nebulization is simple, safe and effective technique to reduce incidence of post-operative sore throat, hoarseness of voice and cough. Incidence of post-operative sore throat is reduced with pre-operative nebulization with ketamine. In addition, pre-operative nebulization attenuates stress response to laryngoscopy and intubation. "

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