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title:Effectiveness of Audio Visual Counselling in Tobacco Consumers Attending Tobacco Cessation Clinic-A Prospective Interventional Study

Author:Darshan K Bajaj, Surya Kant, Abhishek Dubey, Jyoti Bajpai, R A S Kushwaha, Richa Tyagi, Manoj K Pandey

Keywords:Tobacco, Smoker, Smokeless Tobacco

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Objective: Tobacco is the legally and commonly available substance that will kill almost 30-50% of its users so curtailing its use can significantly reduce the global mortality and morbidity. Objective of this study was to record the tobacco quit rates in apparently healthy individuals. Abstinence up to the time of 6 months of follow up was set as the primary outcome measure Methods: Single center study was undertaken in 524 subjects over a period of 18 months at King George's Medical University, Lucknow, India. Apparently healthy attendants accompanying patients attending the department of Respiratory Medicine were the subjects for the study. Along with intensive counselling, demonstration videos and live interaction of patients were taken help of in the study. Results: Smokeless tobacco use was seen in 326(62%) subjects, remaining 198(38%) were smokers. 85% of subjects were males. 18.7% quit rate was eventually recorded at the end of study. Conclusion: Around 60% of its consumers want to quit but roughly only about 10% succeed. We observed better quit rates (18.7%) in our study, rigorous follow ups coupled with specialist behavioral were the key elements of the study. Implementation of strict policies for use of tobacco is the need of the hour. "

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