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title:Spectrum of Pathologies on Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology Evaluation of Peripheral Lymph Nodes at Tertiary Care Center in SMIMER, Surat: a Retrospective Study

Author:Vanashree J Bapotara, Smita A Jhaveri

Keywords:FNAC, lymph node, lymphadenopathy, tuberculous/granulomatous lymphadenitis, reactive lymphadenitis, metastatic lymphadenitis

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Aims and Objectives: Fine?needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) as the first line of investigation has assumed importance in diagnosing a variety of disease processes as it is rapid, simple, reliable, minimally invasive, and cost?effective procedure which can be used in outpatient setting. Lymphadenopathy is one of the most common clinical presentations of patients attending the outpatient department. This study was performed to find out the pattern of diseases in lymph node and to understand burden of disease in society. Materials and Methods: A retrospective study of 200 cases of lymphadenopathy presenting to the Department of Pathology for 1 years from November 2018 to November 2019 was taken up for our study. FNAC was performed using a 22–24?gauge needle and 10 ml syringe. Two of the prepared smears were fixed in alcohol and stained with H&E and PAP stain. Two smears were air?dried, one was stained with giemsa stain and the other kept unstained to be used for ZN staining. Results: Most common lesion found in our study was tubercular lymphadenitis, followed by reactive lymphadenitis and granulomatous lymphadenitis. Conclusion: Our study highlighted the various cytomorphological patterns of lymphadenopathy and revealed a huge burden of tuberculous lymphadenitis in this region. "

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