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title:Granular Cell Tumour of Breast: A Case Report

Author:Seema Chadha, Rakesh Kumar

Keywords:Breast, carcinoma, granular cell tumor, S-100

Type:Case report

Abstract:Granular cell tumour is a benign tumour of putative schwannian origin. It commonly arises in skin and subcutaneous tissue. Head & neck region particularly tongue is most commonly affected site. We report a case of granular cell tumor of breast in a 63 year old postmenopausal woman who presented with a 1.9X 1.8x 1.1cm painless mass in her left breast. Clinical and radiological features suggested malignant lesion but with the combined use of microscopy and immunohistochemical examination the case was correctly diagnosed as granular cell tumor of the breast. The purpose of this article is to emphasize GCT as a differential diagnosis of carcinoma of breast as it can mimic the same clinically and radiologically.

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