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title:Clinical Profile of Cancer Patients of North East India Receiving Single Fraction Palliative Radiotherapy: A Study from Regional Cancer Centre

Author:Navin Nayan, Apurba Kumar Kalita, Mouchumee Bhattacharyya, Ghritashee Bora, Shashank Bansal, Partha Pratim Medhi

Keywords:Clinical profile, Cancer, Single fraction palliative radiotherapy, Palliative care, Bone metastasis

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Objectives: The objective is to study the patient-, disease-, and treatment-related characteristics of cancer patients receiving single fraction palliative radiotherapy, and to assess the efficacy of SFRT in the palliation of symptoms. Methods: This is an observational study conducted in a regional cancer centre of North East India. The medical documents, and radiotherapy (RT) treatment charts were studied and subjective response assessment was done on first and subsequent follow up. Results: A total of 3964 cases were allotted for radiotherapy for various indications during one year period (July 2017 – June 2018). Out of which 348 cases (8.8%) were allotted for single fraction palliative radiotherapy but only 164 cases (47%) received the treatment (SFRT). Among the patients treated with SFRT, 98 cases (59.8%) showed good response and 66 cases (40.2%) showed poor response to therapy. The most common indication for SFRT was palliation of pain from painful bony metastasis as seen in 81 cases (49.4%). Conclusions: Palliative radiotherapy forms an integral part of palliative care of patients with advanced or metastatic cancer. Single fraction palliative radiotherapy is an effective, well-tolerated mode of treatment in an outdoor setting to improve the quality of life of these distressed patients. Advances in knowledge: This study will benefit in the establishment of Institutional guidelines on the use of single fraction palliative radiotherapy. "

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