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title:Clinical Profile and Resistance Pattern in Acinetobacter Bacteremia in a Tertiary Care Centre

Author:Junais Koleri, Gayathri R, Nazia K Salim

Keywords:Acinetobacter, multidrug resistant gram negative, hospital acquired infection, ventilator associated pneumo-nia, surgical site infection

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction: Acinetobacter causes deadly hospital acquired infections. This is study was planned to iden-tify the clinical and resistance profile, outcome and mortality predictors of acinetobacter bacteremia in a ter-tiary care centre in north Kerala. Methods: retrospective observational study. Data obtained from case records, microbiology culture reports and by interviewing primary care team of each patient Result: A total of 90 cases positive blood culture reports were collected and required data obtained from 50. 27 cases were analyzed. Resistance was found to be respectively 92% to cephalosporin, 77% to ciprof-loxacin and 41% to amikacin. 38% isolates were multidrug resistant. Acinetobacter bacteremia was mostly due to VAP, CLABSI, severe skin infections and neutropenic sepsis. Conclusion: Acinetobacter bacteremia has an overall mortality rate of 44%, with 75% mortality in VAP presentation. 38% of acinetobacter isolates were multidrug resistant. Most of the patients had malignancies, Diabetes Mellitus or cirrhosis as risk factors. "

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