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title:Study of Steroid Induced Rise in Intraocular Pressure Using Non-contact Tonometer After Cataract Surgery in Camp Patients at P.D.U. Medical College Rajkot, Gujarat

Author:Dodiya Kamal S, Aggarwal Somesh V, Bareth Kiran, Shah Nirzari

Keywords:steroids, intra ocular pressure

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Objectives: To study the incidence of steroid induced rise in intraocular pressure following cataract surgery using non contact tonometer. Materials and Methods: The study was undertaken in a tertiary care centre. 500 eyes which underwent uncomplicated cataract surgery were studied for IOP changes for up to six weeks following omission of steroid eye drops using non contact tonometer. Results: At the end of six weeks of steroid therapy, 21% patients had persistently raised IOP of which 2% had raised IOP at the end of six weeks following omission of steroid therapy. Conclusion: Non contact tonometry is equally effective for diagnosis and following up patients of drug (steroid) induced glaucoma.

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