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title:"An Observational Study on Implication of Educational Level on Control and Long-Term Complications of Diabetes Mellitus In a Tertiary Care Hospital of Eastern India "

Author:Kajori Nandy, Manab Nandy, Asish Kumar Basu

Keywords:Observational Study, Educational Level, Long-term Complications, Diabetes Mellitus.

Type:Original Article

Abstract:"Introduction: The strongest environmental risk factor for diabetes, obesity, is related to socio-economic status. Due to lack of education in India, several myths and social stigma add to the problems of managing Diabetes Mellitus. The purpose of the project is to establish association of educational of the patient with complications and control of diabetes mellitus. Materials and Methods: An epidemiological cross sectional study of descriptive observational nature was conducted at the Diabetic OPD in a tertiary care centre in Eastern part of India on 303 patients. Patients of both sexes suffering from diabetes mellitus attending the Diabetic OPD in the tertiary care hospital and se-lection on random basis. The patients were asked to fill a pretested predesigned questionnaire prepared by Stanford Patient Education Research Centre. Observations and Results: Though the timing of taking pill regularly is high of lower socioeconomic classes, regular exercise and probability of complications is higher for the lower education level and it grad-ually decreases as the Education level increases. Conclusion: Treatment can be improvised by spreading awareness about the disease and its complications along with proper education on exercise, following diet plans and treatment regimens "

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