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title:A Study on Fibrinogen Levels in Patients of Acute Stroke

Author:Kamalchandra P Naik, Vandana Dhangar, Dipika Patel, Nihar Patel, Dharmil M Patel

Keywords:Acute Stroke, Fibrinogen, Hypertension, Diabetes

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Introduction: Risk factor for stroke includes diabetes, hypertension, smoking and hyperlipidemia and these have been linked to abnormalities of haematology and coagulation such as increased fibrinogen. The present study is designed to investigate the association between plasma fibrinogen levels and acute stroke. Methodology: The present study was a cross sectional study done in the Medicine ward/ICU of a tertiary care hospital. Plasma fibrinogen level was done of 50 patients presenting with acute stroke admitted in Medicine ward/I.C.U of tertiary care hospital. Detailed history was taken to find out the risk factors such as hypertension, diabetes, Smoking and overweight. In addition to routine investigations as per standard protocol in the evaluation of stroke patient, fasting plasma fibrinogen level was estimated. Results: The mean age in the present study was 58.52 years. The maximum numbers of patients were in the age group 60-69 years. In 86% of cases were having higher fibrinogen level. There were 23(46%) smokers among patients. Non smokers, Normotensives, Non obese and non diabetics had higher fibrinogen levels than smokers which were not statistically significant. Conclusion: Mean fibrinogen level was lower in patients of acute stroke with any of risk factors like smoking, hypertension, diabetes and obese than in patients of acute stroke without any of these risk factors. This difference was not statistically significant in this study but further large study can be planned to prove this.

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