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title:The Role of Tranexamic Acid topical Administration for Primary Hemiarthroplasty

Author:Santosh S Borkar, Shivraj S Konde, Viraj R Bhoir, Sameer D Desai, Yash K Shah

Keywords:Tranexamic acid, intraarticular,blood loss, hemiarthroplasty

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Introduction: Tranexamic acis is an inhibitor of fibrinolysis & plasminogen activator which inhibits blood loss during surgery. Intravenous route administration can cause thromboembolic complications. Hence we decided to carry out randomised controlled trial of intraarticular administration of TXA versus control group. Methodology: At MIMER medical college talegaon. randomised controlled trial was carried out on 60 patients (30 were given topical/intraarticular TXA & 30 were control group) who underwent primary hemiarthroplasty. Results: In TXA administered patients mean 24 hour blood loss was 466 +/- 313 ml and in control group it was 743 +/- 358 ml. the treatment effect was 277ml (P+0.002) which was significant by Student’s t test. Conclusion: Intraarticular local TXA administration significantly decreases 24 hour postoperative blood loss in primary hemiarthroplasty without significant complications.

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