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title:Study of Audiovisual Reaction Time in Indian Classical Singers

Author:Yuvraj Gharu, Luxmi Gharu

Keywords:Choice Reaction Time, Audio Reaction Time, Visual Reaction Time, Indian Classical Singers and Normal Controls

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Introduction: Audiovisual Reaction Time involves the time period taken for the response to auditory or visual stimuli which depends on the intactness of the sensory and the motor system. Objective: The present study was aimed to evaluate the effect of singing on audio visual reaction time. Method: Visual choice reaction time for red , green and yellow light and auditory choice reaction time for high and low frequency sounds was measured with digital display audio visual reaction time machine ( model No RTM 608 Medicaid: Ambala, India ). Audio visual reaction time of students who are learning Indian classical vocal music in Shimla degree colleges were compared with normal age and sex matched controls. Results: It was found that visual as well as auditory choice reaction time was significantly lower in singers as compared to normal controls. Conclusion: Impact of singing /music is on basic sensory processing , so music training to individuals having slower reaction time can be applied.

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