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title:Study of Comparison of Serum Lipid Profile, Electrocardiographical & Echocardiographical changes between Euthyroid Diabetic & Hypothyroid Diabetic patients in a tertiary care hospital, Kolkata

Author:Soumya Sarathi Mondal, Anwesha Pan, Animesh Maity, Subhas Bhuin, Snigdhendu Pal, Pinaki Nath

Keywords:Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Hypothyroidism , Dyslipidemia , Diastolic dysfunction

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Introduction: Insulin and thyroid hormone metabolism and functions are dependent on each other. But the presence of hypothyroidism in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients and its impact on cardiovascular system are a less explored area. Aim: To compare the serum lipid profile, Electrocardiogrpathy & Echocardiographical changes between Euthyroid diabetic & hypothyroid diabetic patient and to document the difference in cardiovascular complications between these two groups. Methodology: A cross-sectional observational study conducted on 100 Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus patients who were divided into euthyroid and hypothyroid diabetic group and were subjected to tests for dyslipedemia (Total Cholesterol, Triglyceride, HDL-C and LDL – C) and cardiological dysfunction using ECG and Echocardiography and the results were compared. Results: 31% diabetic patients were hypothyroid and their mean cholesterol , triglyceride , Low density lipoprotein were 239.03 mg/dl , 181.35 mg/dl and 171.74 mg /dl respectively and hence found to be significantly increased as compared to euthyroid diabetic patients. In ECG, hypothyroid diabetic patients showed sinus bradycardia ( 32.6%) , low QRS voltage (19.35%) and increased QTc interval ( 16.13%). In Echocardiography , 9.68 % and 58.06 % hypothyroid diabetic patients had grade 2 and grade 1 diastolic dysfunction respectively with significant correlation. Conclusion: Dyslipidemia with cardiological dysfunction is found to be more prevalent in hypothyroid (including subclinical hypothyroid) diabetes mellitus patients with significant association as compared to euthyroid diabetic patients.

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