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title:Regional Variation of Morphometric Measurements of Proximal End of Femur in Coastal Andhra Pradesh and its Clinical Implication to Improve Surgical Outcome

Author:Tapati Roy, Soma Saha, Rabindra Nath Roy, Jagat Jyoti Dhara

Keywords:Morphometric Measurement, Cross Sectional Area, Hip Replacement Therapy, Prosthesis

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Introduction: The neck of femur is an important modification in human being. The neck-shaft angle and different parameters of neck are clinically important to diagnose pathological conditions of the hip joint and also helpful in the treatment and follow-up of fractures around proximal end of femur. The present study is an attempt to evaluate the normal range of anterior and posterior neck length, diameter of head and neck of femur and cross sectional area of neck of adult femora and neck-shaft angle in South Indian Population. Methodology: Adult femora available in the anatomy department of different Medical Colleges in coastal Andhra Pradesh were used as study sample to get exact idea of femoral morphometry. Goniometer and Vernier calliper were used to measure all the parameters. Values were analyzed by using statistical software (SPSS programmed, version-17) Results: Analyzed value of present study regarding neck-shaft angle, neck length, diameter of neck, diameter of head and cross sectional area are 1260, 29.5mm & 31.6mm, 23.6mm, 43.1 mm and 437.21mm2 respectively. Conclusion: The results of present study might be helpful for bio mechanical engineer to design implant specific for South Indian population.

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