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title:A Study on Prevalence of Different types of Dermatosis in Pediatric Age Group in Semiurban Population of Pune City

Author:Bhuvnesh G Shah, Sweta P Patel, Rachna V Patel, Jigar J Patel, Keya Shah

Keywords:Dermatosis, pediatric age, infection, Semiurban population

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Introduction: Dermatological problems constitute at least 30% of all outpatient visits to pediatricians and 30% of all visits to a dermatologist involve children. The present study was undertaken to determine the pattern of common dermatosis in children between 1-12 years in a semi-urban population in industrial areas of Pimpri-Chinchwad suburbs of Pune. Methodology: This was the cross-sectional study conducted on 1-12 years children in the Department of Dermatology. We have taken detailed history and clinical findings were noted and recorded in the pre-designed proforma. Results: Most common group of dermatosis seen in this study was infectious diseases including bacterial 31 (25.80%), parasitic infestations 32 (26.4%), eczematous conditions 12 (10%) and viral infections 8 (6.6%). In 21 (17.5%) and primary bacterial infection occurred in 10 (8.32%) consisting of impetigo in 8 (6.66%) cases followed bullous impetigo in 2 (1.66) cases. Vitiligo and urticaria seen in 4 (3.33%) cases, Molluscum contagiosum in 5 (4.16%) cases, Sabies in 18 (15%) cases followed by pediculosis in 14 (11.66%) cases. Conclusion: We conclude that Infections and infestations were common while secondary bacterial infections were more common that the primary ones. Scabies was seen more commonly than pediculosis and Viral and fungal infections occurred in a small number of cases. Eczema dermatitis group was the second in prevalence among the various groups of dermatoses.

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