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title:Socio Demographic Profile of TB-HIV Co-Infected Patients in Bundelkhand Region, Uttar-Pradesh

Author:Jaiswal Rishi K, Srivastav Shalini, Mahajan Harsh

Keywords:Co-infection, TB-HIV, Accursed duet

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Background: Concomitant Tuberculosis (TB) and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection is a lamentable medical phenomenon with dreadful social and economic impact across the globe, aptly described as the "accursed duet". The HIV epidemic has posed major and almost insurmountable challenges to TB control efforts across the world. Aim: To study the socio-demographic correlates of TB - HIV co-infected cases. Material & Methods: This is a hospital based observational study which was conducted in district Jhansi of Utter Pradesh. The study was carried out in District Jhansi for a duration of one year from Dec.2007-Dec. 2008. The study subjects were selected from District Tuberculosis Center, Jhansi, TB clinic and Tuberculosis ward of MLB Medical College, Jhansi. After collecting necessary information from the study subjects, their blood samples were collected to test the HIV status. Results: Maximum TB-HIV co-infection cases(8.65%) were found in 26-45 years of age, and the cases of co-infection were more in males(6.08%) as compared to females(1.84%). There was no significant variation found amongst TB-HIV co-infected cases by religion, however more TB-HIV co-infected cases were significantly found in SC/ST population and among illiterate group. Conclusion: TB-HIV co-infection deserves special attention. Screening of HIV among TB patients should be attached more importance, which would be much more helpful for treatment and outcome of both diseases.

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