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title:Morphometric Dimensions of Human Ear Ossicles of Males

Author:Shubhpreet Sodhi, Zora Singh, Jai Lal

Keywords:Otology, Ossicles, Measurements

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Introduction: The otologic surgeons need to be fully conversant with the anatomical details of middle ear and its bones so as to perform microsurgical maneuvers successfully. In India, data on normal anatomical parameters of the ossicles is limited. The present study attempts to provide the anatomical details of the three ossicles in North Indian Population in males and compare the parameters with those reported from different parts of the world. Methodology: The study was carried out on 100 sets of middle ear ossicles collected from adult male cadavers from the Department of Anatomy of various colleges of North India. The various measurements were taken with the help of digital verneir caliper Results: Our study reveals no significant difference between morphometric measurements of the bones of right and left side except Incus in males. Conclusion: The precise measurements of the ossicles have been reported in the study in North Indian Population (males), which would be very helpful in designing the prosthesis in ossicular chain pathology in North Indians.

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