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title:Assessment of Quality of Life in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients in a Tertiary Care Hospital from South India

Author:Sasi Sekhar T.V.D, Appala Naidu R, Vara Lakshmi R, Ramya A, Uma Devi U

Keywords:Predialysis; Hemodialysis; SF-36; Chronic kidney insufficiency, Mental health, HRQoL.

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Introduction: The study was conducted to assess the physical and mental health dimensions of quality of life in the various stages of chronic kidney disease. Methodology: 100 patients in stages 1–5 of chronic kidney disease and 40 in hemodialysis were studied. Quality of life was rated by the Medical Outcomes Study Short Form 36- Item (SF-36) and functional status by the Karnofsky Performance Scale. Clinical, laboratory and sociodemographic variables were investigated. Results: Quality of life decreased in all stages of kidney disease. The dimensions showing lower values in stages 1 and 2 were emotional role functioning and general health; in stage 3, physical role functioning and vitality; and in stages 4 and 5 and hemodialysis, physical role functioning and general health. Conclusion: Quality of life is decreased in renal patients in the early stages of disease. No association was detected between the stages of the disease and the quality of life. It was possible to establish sociodemographic, clinical and laboratory risk factors for a worse quality of life in this population. It is a small study so cannot be applied in all aspects.

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