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title:A Study of Diphtheria Cases among Hospital Admissions in Ahmedabad

Author:Hiral H Shah, Bijal H Shah, Deepa A Banker, Meet A Leuva, Meghavi Patel, Darshan S Patel

Keywords:Diphtheria, Immunisation, VPD, Diphtheria myocarditis, epidemic

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Introduction: Even after 20 years of UIP diphtheria is still prevalent showing up and down trends in India. India contributes about 19 to 84% of total burden worldwide and many of time it is unidentified and notified. Present study is aimed to study Diphtheria cases in a tertiary care hospital Ahmedabad from January 2012 to December 2015 Methodology: Total 74 confirm throat swab smear or culture for C Diphtheria positive patients were included in study. Their age, immunisation status, response to treatment in form of throat swab clearance of bacilli, complications and mortality was noted and analysed. Results: 38(51.35%) were from 5-10 years age groups. Inappropriate booster doses and waning immunity in older age is responsible for shifting of age pattern . 9% of cases were fully immunised and had very milder form of disease. 56.65% were unimmunised had more severe form, complications, delayed clearance of throat bacilli and mortality. 90% patients throat swab cleared within 72 hours of starting treatment showing sensitivity of bacilli to slandered treatment. 12(18.9%) patients were expired mostly due to cardiac complications. Conclusion: Thus strengthening of routine immunisation, early identification and timely intervention can definitely overcome the resurgence of disease.

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