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title:A Study of the Association between Patterns of Eye Drop Prescription and Medication Usage in Glaucoma Subjects

Author:Punit Singh, Raghunandan Kothari, Ruta Shah, Shrey Rayajiwala, Aakash V Patel, Roshni Patel

Keywords:Glaucoma, Prescription, Ophthalmology, Eye Drops

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Introduction: To investigate the association between patterns of eye drop prescription and medication usage in patients with glaucoma. Methodology: Sixty two patient who were diagnosed glaucoma and were on any topical anti glaucoma medication were included in the study and the pattern of eye drop instillation was studied with the help of a questionnaire at Dhiraj General Hospital, Piparia, Vadodara, Gujarat. The questionnaire determined how patients routinely used medications, including the method of eye drop administration, number of eye drops per instillation, accuracy of eye drop placement, weekly frequency of eye drop application, and their awareness of local side effects. Results: Of 60 patient 34 patients (56.67%) instilled medication by their own, 36 patients (60%) instilled drop accurately at first attempt, 51 patients (85%) instilled drop in sitting position, 22 patients (33.67%) patients instilled one drop at a time. 47 patients (78.33%) kept a gap of less than 2 minutes, 9 patients (15%) instilled another drop between two to four minutes and 4 patients kept interval of more than four minutes between different drug instillation. Only 3 patients (5%) were familiar with the local side effects of the drug. Conclusion: From our study we conclude that there is a huge scope in the area of patient education regarding glaucoma. The findings in our study suggest a need to better educate our patients by providing them detailed information about its administration and its importance. This would help to improve patient compliance and increase the efficiency of anti-glaucoma treatment.

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