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title:Occupational Stress and Burnouts as Predictors of Job Satisfaction Amongst Lawyers in District Sangli

Author:Patel Kriti A, Rajderkar Shekhar S, Naik Jayashree D

Keywords:Job satisfaction, burnout and stress

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Background: The practice of law is a high prestige, high skill, high income and high stress profession. The present study was conducted to find out the role of stressors on mental well being of the lawyers. Objectives: To study the occupational stress amongst the lawyers and to examine the correlates of job satisfaction in them, and to study the gender difference (if any) of stress and job satisfaction. Also to study the association between levels of stress and substance abuse disorders. Methodology: A cross sectional study was conducted in Dist. Court Sangli, which involved collection of data using predesigned proforma. By using Systematic Random sampling technique, out of total 240 lawyers 120(76 males and 44 females) were interviewed. Presumptive Stress Life Event Scale (PSLES) was used as a validated screening tool to calculate their Mental Stress Score. The level of Job Satisfaction was scored by 3 point scaling system taking 10 independent variables as the predictors of job satisfaction. Data was analyzed using appropriate statistical tests. Results: 88.3% lawyers had experienced stress. The female lawyers had high Mean Mental Stress Score. 81.8% female lawyers had high Job satisfaction Score i.e. low Job satisfaction. 52.8% of the male lawyers having stress reported substance abuse disorders. Conclusion: The female lawyers experience significantly greater stress and burnouts as compared to males. Job satisfaction is significantly and negatively correlated with stress. The need of the hour is to make an effort in coping with stress amongst lawyers.

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