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title:Transportation of injured force personnel by Air – Merit & Demerits

Author:Dinesh Thakur, B. K. Mehta

Keywords:Air ambulance, air medical transportation, critical care, patient transport, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Introduction: Air medical transportation has greatly evolved undertaken by the Indian forces in Kashmir. Many more patients are transported daily in need of advanced medical attention to higher centers like Srinagar M.H & AIIMS & M.H Delhi. The condition of some injured patients necessitates specially modified aircraft, and monitoring and interventions during transport by trained medical personnel. Methodology: Hospital records of all air medical transportation undertaken to the composite hospital, CRPF, Bentalab, J&K during the period and were analyzed for demographics, primary etiology, and events during transport. The causes were grouped together under the organ system for ease of interpretation. Derived data are presented as mean ± standard deviation and percentage.Results: 100 patients (100% male) of ages 30 to 45 yrs transported to the station hospital Srinagar and Delhi. The study was conducted after obtaining the proper permission from the Chief Medical Officer incharge (NFSG) of the Composite Hospital, CRPF. Cardiac and central nervous system ailments are the most common indication for air medical transportation like intubation, monitoring of vitals (pulse, BP, Sa, O2 etc.) followed by CPR required. The overall complication rate was 5.3% There was no transport related mortality. Thus having more merits than demerits. Conclusion: Patients who are transported with a medical escort may need invasive and advanced monitoring and interventions. Cardiovascular diseases remain the most common reason for interhospital air medical transport. Complication rate during interhospital air transportation of critical patients is similar to ground transportation.

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