All Issues >> 2016 >> Issue-4


title:Re-Irradiation in Head and Neck Cancers: A Wise Selection from Available Data

Author:Rubu Sunku, Vikas Kantilal Jagtap

Keywords:Re-irradiation, Chemoradiation, Recurrent, Head and neck cancer

Type:Review article

Abstract:Recurrence of cancer within radiation field is the most dreaded news after curative radiation therapy in head and neck cancer patients. Surgical treatment of these sites is always challenging, which becomes worse after radiation. With the introduction of conformal modalities, the chances of re-irradiation of recurrent cancer are being explored for many years now. In spite of increased use of reirradiation there are not much published criteria or guidelines in these groups of patients. The objective of this literature review is to identify the most commonly used patient selection criteria, radiation doses, fields, impact of newer technology and outcomes in terms of local control and survival.

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