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title:Thyroid Epidermal Cyst – A Common Cyst, Rare Site

Author:Surbhi S Kulkarni, Arunkumar S Vyas

Keywords:Thyroid gland, Cyst, Epidermal, Cytology

Type:Case report

Abstract:Cystic lesions are quite common in thyroid gland. A wide spectrum encompassing developmental, degenerative non-neoplastic, inclusion and neoplastic etiology have to be considered. The cystic lesions occur ubiquitously in any age with no particular sex predilection. The cystic lesions include colloid cysts, papillary carcinoma, thyroglossal cysts and very rarely epidermal cyst. Epidermal inclusion cyst is a slow growing cyst. The diagnosis can be made on cytology with accuracy. Treatment is surgical excision. We report a rare case of inclusion epidermal cyst diagnosed on cytology and confirmed by histopathology.

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