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title:A Study on Clinical, Laboratory Manifestation and Effect on Major Organ System in Hypothyroidism in Tertiary Care Hospital of Surat City

Author:Vivek R Garg, Dipak B Solanki, Ashvin H Vasava, Jimit N Vadgama

Keywords:Clinical Manifestation, Laboratory Manifestation, Hypothyroidism

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Background: In addition to common classic manifestation of hypothyroidism, there are many additional manifestation of hypothyroidism that is less commonly acknowledged. The present study was planned with an objective to study the clinical profile, biochemical abnormalities and effect on major organ system of hypothyroidism. Methodology: All the patients were examined & symptoms and sign of hypothyroidism noted and then subjected to investigation, which includes routine investigation (RBS, S.Creatinine, CBC, ESR, Urine Analysis, Chest X-ray, ECG, S.cholesterol, S. protein. Specific investigation like echocardiography is also advised accordingly. Results: Facial puffiness in present in 24 (48%), Pedal edema in 20 (40%) and dyspnea and chest discomfort was present in 30% of patient. Among the neurological manifestations, delayed nerve jerk was present in 8 (16%), Hoarseness Of voice in 15 (30%) and deafness and impairment of memory was present in 2% of patient. Sinus bradycardia was present in 2 cases. Low voltage ECG in 5(10%).Low voltage with T wave changes observed in 4 cases.ST-T changes in 5 patients. Left ventricular hypertrophy presents in 4 cases. Conclusion: ST-T changes in the form of flat or inverted T wave was the most common abnormality in electrocardiogram i.e.14%, Sinus bradycardia was present in 4% of cases. Menorrhagia was the most common menstrual problem observed in 20% of cases, Anemia (Hb <11gm %) in 40 (80%), Serum cholesterol level was more than 200 mg % in 26(52%) cases.

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